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Be part of our adventure!

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What is CLUB IZOM?

It's the community of athletes who want to get involved in the creation and development of IZOM Athletique !

  • Are you sporty ?

  • Curious about what goes on behind the scenes of a brand ?

  • Would you like to co-create a brand for yourself ?

Club Izom is
for you !

Member benefits

  • Participate in decision-making: You'll have the opportunity to actively contribute to the evolution of IZOM Athletic by participating in polls, discussions and surveys. Your voice counts, and we value your ideas and opinions!

  • Preview our products: We'll send you samples of our new products before their official launch. This gives you the opportunity to try them out and give us your valuable feedback. Your first-hand experience helps us to continually improve our products, and without your validation, we won't bring them to market.

  • Increased visibility: As a Club IZOM member, your sports profile and achievements can be featured on our website, social networks and other platforms. You'll have the opportunity to inspire other athletes and share your passion with our growing community.


  • Exclusive events: We'll be organizing exclusive events reserved for Club IZOM members. Whether it's special training sessions, conferences or meetings with other sports enthusiasts, you'll have the chance to take part in unique experiences.


  • Special discounts: As a member of Club IZOM, you'll be able to benefit from exceptional discounts on our products and exclusive offers reserved exclusively for our members.

How to join the IZOM club ?

Step 1:

Complete our membership form. I promise, it won't take long!

Step 2:

Add the @leclubizom account on Instagram

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