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About us

Since its inception, IZOM Athletic has been dedicated to caring for athletes of all levels and disciplines, with a focus on injury prevention. We're convinced of the importance of technique in sport, but we also recognize that adopting a proper muscle care routine is just as essential. That's why we've developed the first range of natural, solid, refillable products specifically designed to prepare and aid the recovery of sportsmen and women's muscles.

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At IZOM, we are driven by the desire to create products that can truly accompany athletes in their preparation and support them in their recovery process. At the heart of our mission lies a single motivation: to develop high-quality, effective products made exclusively from natural ingredients, which are easy to use. We make a point of ensuring that every product we offer meets the high demands of athletes, enabling them to train with confidence and minimize the risk of injury.

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Our story

That was the last straw for me. So I set out to find skincare products to help me with my sporting activities that would be neither bad for my health nor the environment, while still being effective. And no matter how hard I looked, I couldn't find a product that combined my skincare needs with my ecological values, so I decided to create the ideal muscle care product for athletes!"

- Charlotte Levif-Csösz,  Founder of IZOM Athlétique

"When I took up athletics 5 years ago, I quickly realized that it would be difficult to combine sport and the environment, given the lack of ecological alternatives available to athletes. It was frustrating...


So, when I decided to look at the composition of the cosmetics I use to prepare myself or to help me recover before and after training, I was stunned to find many controversial ingredients that I had already removed from my bathroom.


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